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Bio-Resource Information Center for IBIN at FRLHT, Bangalore
On Indian Medicinal Plants Database -BRIC-IMPLAD

In 2011, the Department of Bio-technology, Government of India supported FRLHT to establish a Bio-Resource Information Centre on Indian Medicinal Plants Database (BRIC-IMPLAD) vide sanction order no: BT/PR14571/NDB/52/187/2010; 15-03-2011. This project was further extended till 2016 as Extension phase from 2014-16

BRIC IMPLAD aims to link up with other members of the network (Indian Bio-resources Information Network (IBIN) and share specialized data on Indian Medicinal plant species to ISM practitioners.

In the first phase, Dravyaguna (Ayurveda Plant Materia Medica) database has been designed which multidimensional information. You can find a mention of more than 350 botanical names which are seen in various Ayurveda Course curriculum across the country . User gets information on Ayurvedic understanding of the resources and its application, relevant sanskrit slokhas from ancient literatures, ready to use primary health uses for most of the botanical names. Information on botanical names, identification, distribution, propagation and colorful images are also available.

In continuation with the first phase, FRLHT intend to strengthen the activities of BRIC IMPAD with classical formulations that are currently in popular use and include analytical notes on complexities in trade for select species and design and develop a “Classical formulation module ”. Such information will be useful to industries, traders, herbal sector in terms of understanding the medicinal plants resources, Quality Assurance aspect, enables users to appreciate the complexities in trade, understand the prescriptions mentioned in classical literature and connect to business as usual.

For more information, kindly get in touch with:
Suma T S
Sr. program Officer cum Principal Investigator BRIC IMPLAD
Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions
+91-80-28568000-213 or 28568847
bric-medplant.org |ibin.gov.in
email: suma.tagadur@frlht.org