Dravyaguna / Materia Medica

 Genesis of Plant knowledge

 An Evolving Living Tradition

 Plant Collection

 Seasonal Collection of Plants

 Habit and Habitat

 Relationship between Classical & Folk Traditions

 Principles of Materia Medica

 Meaning of Ousadhi (Plant Drug)

 The three levels of understanding of Ousadha

 Knowledge of Nomenclature & ldentification

 Knowledge of Sanskrit Grammer & Etymology:

 Knowledge Based Applications (Yukti jnana)

 Action of Drugs (Karma)

 Classification (Vargikarana)

 Combining Drugs (Yoga jnana)

 Evolution of pharmaceutical form of Vegetable drugs

 Different Forms of Medicine (kalpas)

 Clinical Application (Prayoga jnana)

 Spiritual Dimensions of Medicinal Plants

 Sources of Classical Literature on Plants

 Scope of More Studies

By:Dr.P.M.Unnikrishnan, FRLHT